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Another Brick in the Wall!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

With the end of the private viewing of the SCU presentation, we at UAPx are excited to share the Slides we used for our presentation at the SCU conference 2022! I hope everyone enjoys them. Please note that shortly we will also be able to share the whole presentation once it has been uploaded to the SCU site. Now, All we can share are the slides from the display.

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I'm not a scientist, but I try to think like a good one, and fwiw I have some observations on non-technical things in your slides.

"How do you study something that maybe doesn’t want to be studied?"

I'm coming to believe that we can develop testable hypotheses in the form of ways to:

- trick it into revealing itself,

- track it to its base/other locations,

- or trap it into playing some of its hand.

This should be possible because if the UIs are tech-dependent, as overwhelmingly reported, then they are near-peers. Near-peers are not omniscient, thus they can be tricked, tracked or trapped, and we humans need to start learning how to proactively do it, rather…

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