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The UAPx Inc. process is not to disseminate raw data directly to the public.  We process, analyze, and then create documentation for submission to high-impact scientific journals for peer review.  Once that process is complete, we can provide that information to the general public.  We have a responsibility to ensure that our data maintains integrity – releasing nonsensical data to the public would only fuel conspiracy theories and confirmation bias and be irresponsible in the overall approach.  We must ensure that what we release has passed academic scientific review and that all our Is are dotted, and Ts are crossed.  Otherwise, it means nothing.  We made a series of comments early on that we would release everything – however, all companies grow and refine their processes. The UAPx Inc. board unanimously voted to restrict any public data release until after the scientific publication process is complete. We aren’t holding back because we want to or because it’s classified – we want to ensure that what we put out is correct, improves understanding of UAP, and doesn’t create more noise. 

When our research is complete, submitted, reviewed, and published, the general public will have access to that research at the below links. 

Catalina Channel

IMG_5072 1.png

Skinwalker Ranch

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