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UAPx Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Federal non-profit scientific research organization based in Florida, which uses an advanced sensor suite to study UAP, filling the specific gap identified by the UAP Task Force report delivered to Congress in the summer of 2021. During our first expedition, we recorded scientific and actionable data from multiple visual sensors (such as visual imagery, infrared imagery, radiological measurements,) and other sensor modalities of a previously unknown atmospheric event. Our data/methods fill a gap in the scientific knowledge of this phenomenon caused by the lack of high-quality, unclassified data. No other known civilian scientific research organization maintains the amount and quality of data regarding potential UAPs as UAPx.  Our equipment and processes consist of but are not limited to; radiological measurement devices developed or inspired by MIT, FLIR, NASA Ames Research, and other COTS and internally developed technologies.


UAPx Inc. comprises a cross-functional team of interdisciplinary experts, including respected and tenured scientists, engineers, attorneys, and military veterans with current individual affiliations with the Department of Energy, Defense Contracting, and industry leaders in the Scientific Community. 

Our primary mission is to obtain information regarding UAPs through ELINT, SIGINT, and MASINT combined with field research.  We provide scientific and academic insight to governments, agencies, and individuals on data representing potential breakaway technologies and identifying issues relating to airspace safety and security. 


On November 10th, 2004 – an event occurred,  now referred to as the “Nimitz Encounter,” where F/A-18 pilots of the Nimitz Carrier group were vectored to intercept an unknown object appearing on the AEGIS Spy-1 radar hosted by the USS Princeton.  While the event took place in 2004, the general public wasn’t aware until late 2017 when the New York Times' now-famous article broke the story to the world – creating a renewed interest in the idea of UFOs not seen since the 1950s.  Shortly after that article's release, Senior Chief Kevin Day, Mr. Gary Voorhis, and Mr. Jason Turner, who all served aboard the USS Princeton during the Nimitz incident and witnessed the objects from various perspectives, formed UAPx to find the truth of what occurred.  Since then, the now famous June 25th, 2021 UAPTF Report came out,  followed by UAPx’s 1st expedition to the Catalina Channel.  After our expedition, the AIOMSG was formed,  followed by the first congressional hearings on UAP in 50 years, which resulted in the formation of the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office. 

During our first expedition, UAPx mobilized our entire team and placed boots on the ground on Catalina Island and Laguna Beach, California.  This is an area in proximity to the 2004 Nimitz UAP encounters, an area with a history of civilian sightings, and an area near Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks, as well as to a military operations area.  We went to collect data regarding the near-constant reports of UAP sightings in that area.   


Due to the classification of data by the USG, we serve as a gap-filler to the civilian population by providing access to data and information otherwise classified - once that data is fully analyzed and peer-reviewed.

Due to this one singular expedition, we are the only civilian research organization maintaining this amount of data on potential UAPs.  As we mobilize and return to Catalina or research other areas, our database of information grows.

While in the Catalina area, we recorded, on video, and corroborated by 3rd party data, an atmospheric phenomenon not previously known to us.  This is also potentially correlated by seconds to another measurement we captured – a high radiation event. 

This unknown atmospheric phenomenon appears to contain, within its center, over 50 bright features of unknown origin – we are still analyzing this data. In our analysis, we utilize Super Resolution Shape Analysis – a process that Dr. Knuth worked on during his time at NASA Ames Research Lab. We pulled data from NOAA confirming the presence of radar-reflective objects that we may find are related to the bright features we recorded in the video. We are working to determine if the radiation measurements correspond to the unknown features and atmospheric phenomenon.  

We are also analyzing this to determine if these 50 bright features constitute a flight safety risk – and with the radiation measurement, perhaps a health safety risk.  Further analysis will bring us closer to these answers.

To help process this, UAPx has created AI and ML neural nets to analyze the data – these neural nets are custom-built and function in tandem with our specialized equipment.


UAPx Inc. - a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Scientific Research Organization focusing on studying UAPs as defined by the United States Government. UAPx Inc. is registered in with the listed CAGE, NAICS, and UEI.

NAICS: 541380, 541511, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541690, 541990, 512110, 813319, 813920



EID: 88-3727196

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