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UAPx is the only all-volunteer and non-funded civilian organization to have collected actionable scientific data regarding the UFO/UAP phenomena on multiple disparate sensor platforms with the goal of blind peer review and publication - and now, we NEED YOU! 



UAPx is currently seeking qualified candidates for numerous volunteer positions within our organization.  Most positions require at least a Master's Degree and many positions require a Ph.D.


Position #1:  Volunteer Deep Data Analysis


Ph.D. or Masters Degree 

Ability to program in C++ and/or Python

Knowledge and experience in making plots in Python, Matlab, Mathematica, Excel, or similar programs. Physics Degree Required - Nuclear and Atomic preferably. With knowledge of Radiation physics. 

Position #2: Image Analysis Expert (FLIR Image Processing)


We are seeking an engineer who has designed and built LWIR cameras or who is a FLIR technician with a background in image analysis. Degree requirements are waived in lieu of direct experience. 

Position #4: RADAR Expert (Doppler) / Meterologist 


(Bachelors Degree or Greater)

Knowledge of open-source doppler radar systems and ability to pull data.  Expert in interpreting data with experience in identifying anomalies in radar data.  Preferred to hold a degree (B.S. or greater) in Atmospheric Sciences/Physics/Meteorology. 

Position #5: Image/Video Processing Expert

MUST have experience in "Superresolution imaging" - preferred candidate will have experience from NASA or a similar scientific organization. 

To apply for ANY of these positions, please submit the following information to:


Your email must contain the following subject line:  VOLUNTEER APPLICATION [POSITION #]

Please include your full resume/CV with the following:

1) Cover letter expanding on your resume/cv and explaining your desire to volunteer with UAPx

2) Social Media links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

3) Any scientific organizations you belong to