How We Operate

Have you ever wondered how UAPx collects data on potential UFOs and UAP?

That's a common question. The simple answer is that it's not a simple answer.  Every investigation or expedition has its own unique challenges and pitfalls and we must improvise, adapt and overcome.  There is no "one size fits all" solution to finding the truth. 


...we do have a set of principles and rules which guide us through this journey of discovery. 

UAPx Rules of Engagement with "The Phenomena"

 UAPx understands that data without context can be dangerous. 

  • Therefore we will never irresponsibly dump our data on the world without first studying, analyzing, and potentially publishing the results of our work. When individuals outside of UAPx review our data, if they don't have a full understanding of the context, that data could be interpreted incorrectly and potentially lead to actions that are not warranted. We will always provide the truth to the public, but we will do so in a responsible way, and with context. 

 UAPx's results will be open-access to the entire world without restriction. 

  • While we cannot guarantee that all of our results will always be published in a scientific journal, (as we don't control the editorial processes) we do pledge to you that our results will -always- follow strict protocols for peer review.  We understand that you are anxious for data, proof, and validation of your beliefs in regards to the UAP/UFO phenomena and you WILL get the data without paywalls, without censorship, and without having to be a member of the press or academia.  However, that data will follow rule 1 above. 

 UAPx will only review, analyze, and present opinions on our own data.  ​

  • UAPx appreciates, encourages, and respects anyone who dives into this murky world of understanding our existence and the phenomena at large; however, we do not accept previously recorded/captured data from outside sources.  There is no way for us to verify the provenance and accuracy of the data presented. Unfortunately, there are people who actively work to discredit individuals and groups by presenting false data as accurate.  UAPx recommends that entities and personnel who wish to have their own data analyzed reach out to other organizations that specialize in that effort. 

 UAPx will never create new rules of physics to accommodate our findings. ​

  • These Phenomena are difficult to study with the scientific method.  We understand this, and we understand that most people realize this. The Phenomena appears to present itself in ways that make repeatable testability difficult. However, UAPx will always adhere to the scientific method of study, the forensic methods of data collection, and when possible, the testing of a hypothesis. 

 UAPx is a non-profit research organization and we do take donations.

  • ​However, we also pledge that donations will never affect the truthfulness of our reports.  We will never allow the funding to taint the science. Any donor to UAPx that partially or fully funds any expedition will do so with the knowledge that they have zero control of the output of data in regards to the truth. If we are brought to a location and our data finds that what was once thought of as paranormal or extraterrestrial is actually domestic, we will not change our data to fit a narrative.  Truth is truth regardless of funding sources. 

The UAPx Approach to Data Collection


UAPx operates a myriad of scientific equipment.  Some is custom built specifically for UAPx, others are standard equipment; however, all equipment meets rigorous testing and validation to be used in peer-reviewed studies. 


During UAPx expeditions, equipment is deployed which allows for the 24-7 monitoring of the area.  C-TAP® (Custom Target Acquisition Protocol), an internally developed neural network that analyzes captured video and images is implemented for real-time analysis. 

UAPx analyzes and creates site surveys to determine the best approaches to studying the phenomena in each location.  Equipment selection is dependent on the site surveys,  time available, and the nature of the phenomena. 


No findings or results are ever published while on location. Detailed analysis, study, testing, and peer review must occur, followed by the potential publication and public dissemination. 


Months of post-expedition analysis are performed on all captured data sets.  Disparate equipment is synched and should incidents of potential UAP activity show across multiple sensor platforms, rankings of data quality are assigned to the general event identifying the multiple sensors which corroborate the events.  


Post-peer-review and/or publication of data and conclusions, UAPx plans follow-up expeditions to the same locations (when possible) to attempt the capture of repeatable data. 

When anomalous incidents are identified in the data, UAPx attempts to identify other sources of information that could prove/disprove the existence of the incident or provide additional data for analysis.  For example, we speak with NASA (SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy), NOAA, and scientific research stations in Antarctica.  The data sets are requested blindly so that the supplying organization is not cognizant of the reason for the request so that the data is raw and unedited. 

This is not an exhaustive list of processes and procedures, this is a simplified explanation of our general approach to the forensic collection of actionable data in the overall study of the UAP/UFP Phenomena. 

What happens if we find unassailable proof of extraterrestrial objects?

Well, we're going to be honest here.  

We don't know... 

The discovery of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence will be the most monumental event in human history. The impact across cultures,  religions, societies, and psychologies will be a paradigm shift that has the potential to be a chaotic change with unknown consequences. 

Other organizations have created sub-groups that are committed to understanding and preparing for potential ways that society could be impacted by the revelation of intelligence beyond our planet.  

We don't have that.  We do not feel we are qualified, regardless of our individual credentials, to speak for the world or predict what the effect on society will be.  We simply do not possess the hubris that would allow us to assume what would happen when these discoveries are made. 

If we find ourselves with absolute proof of extraterrestrial intelligence here on Earth, we will discuss it internally before taking any public action.  We remain committed to our pledge to provide our data without restriction; however, we will do so in the most responsible process we have at our disposal.  

Access to knowledge is a human right.  Understanding the reason for our existence is as well.  UAPx will not hide, obfuscate, obstruct or otherwise prevent humanity from knowing the truth of our Universe - however, we will approach the final presentation with the most ethical release we can. 

So, to answer the question in the most truthful manner possible; we have absolutely no idea what we will do if, through the analysis of our data, we determine that we possess definitive proof of non-human intelligence.