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UAPx Inc UAP/UFO Exclusion Checklist

UAPx Inc. receives dozens of reports of UFOs and UAPs on a near-daily basis. We sincerely appreciate, encourage, and respect anyone who dives into this murky world of understanding our existence and the phenomena at large; however, we do not accept previously recorded/captured data from outside sources. The reason for this is that there is no way for us to verify the provenance and accuracy of the data presented. However, we don't want to discourage anyone from actively seeking data, evidence, and answers to what is flying around in our skies.

As a 501(c)(3) Scientific Research Organization, we provide our research and analysis to our data only - but we also want to empower the general public with tools, processes, and methods to increase the accuracy of the data you collect.

UAPx Inc has compiled a list of resources that every UFO/UAP researcher should have in their pocket when scanning the skies for ambiguous or anomalous activity. We encourage everyone to bookmark this page for future reference and when you see something you can't immediately explain, use this list of references to check for known objects such as Starlink satellites, the ISS, Hubble, Stars and Planets, Space Debris, Transponding Aircraft, Military Flights, Solar Flares, Auroras, High-Frequency Radio Flux, Coronal Mass Ejections, Near Earth Objects and Asteroids, and a slew of other potential events which can often be mistaken for UFOs and UAP.

For anyone who is actively collecting imagery or data on potential UFOs/UAPs, we HIGHLY encourage you to adopt a process whereby you record your position, date/time, elevation, and azimuth to the event and weather data - then use the below resources to help eliminate known objects/events. Special Thanks To Pete Wassell for curating this list for UAPx.


Live Starlink Satellite and Coverage Map

The ISS Tracker

Hubble Satellite Tracker

Heavens Above Satellite (w/ Stars) Tracking

Low Earth Orbit Visualization (LEOV)

Planes and Drones

Flight Tracking - ADS-B Exchange

Special Use Airspace

Drone Restriction Zones


Space Weather Solar Flares

NOAA Space Weather Aurora Dashboard

NOAA Space Weather Electron Content

NOAA Space Weather Solar Wind

NOAA Space Weather High-Frequency Radio Flux

Solar Dynamics Observatory

Space Weather Coronal Mass Ejections

Current Star Map

Cosmic Ray Observatory

Safecast Radiation Map

Near real-time RadNet air monitoring location data by state.

Live Ionospheric Data

Meteors and Asteroids

Latest NEO Earth Close Approaches (Data)

Eyes On Asteroids

The Sky Live: Asteroids

Interactive Bolide Data Visualizer

Latest Global Meteor Network Radiant Plots

Meteor Shower Radiants

Radio Meteor Scatter NASA-ADS

Radio Sky Meteor Pings (echoes)

Earth Weather

Zoom Earth


Cloud Cover Map LIVE:

World Weather

Real-Time Lightning Map

World ELF Radiolocation Array - WERA

Magnetic Anomaly Map

Bathymetric Data Viewer

Global Marine Data

Satellite Imagery

Sentinel Hub EO Browser Infrared


Military Installations, Ranges, and Training Areas

Military Bases

Air Force Flight Training

Navy Test and Training Ranges

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