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Candace Segar

Candace Segar is a degreed, Electrical Engineer. She holds a BSEE and a BA in Communications from the University of New Orleans. She worked in the electrical power industry for the past 40 years as a Construction, Systems, and Test Engineer on various projects.  She is currently semi-retired but performs administrative duties for the consulting firm that she and her husband own.  

She is an accomplished competitive master swimmer and enjoys refurbishing vintage toy robots.  From the time she watched The Day the Earth Stood Still and the Twilight Zone and Outer Limit series, her interest was piqued as to the possibilities of what exists in this vast Universe of ours. With the military announcements of UAP encounters triggering a barrage of questions, she hopes that UAPx will find answers to what is out there. After watching the first Moon landing, she, too, is disappointed that her next vacation won’t be on Mars via the Moon with her husband.

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