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Mr. Ben Kugielsky 
Systems Engineer

Ben Kugielsky is a pilot, adventurer, systems engineer, and software developer. With two decades in the Defense and Space industries, he has supported and led the development of complex electronic, electro-mechanical, and optical systems. In his most recent assignment, he led a team including engineers who designed the Hubble Space Telescope. This work has enabled a life focussed on adventure and discovery, including touring internationally with a rock band, piloting a single-engine airplane around the United States and Canada, SCUBA diving wrecks from WWII u-boats to overly-laden Dominican ferries, and kite surfing wherever the wind is to be found.

Ben Kugielsky was born in Connecticut in the 1980s and brought up on a healthy diet of Star Wars, Star Trek (TNG, DS9, Voyager), and The X-Files. He began learning computer science with a DOS-only machine and the BASIC programming language. At 12 years old, he installed a 2400bps modem on his parents' PC. He fell into the early information age, discovering a bulletin-board service (BBS) containing, amongst other things, reams of UFO stories. Thus kindling a lifelong obsession with learning about the unknown. 

Ben Kugielsky is a largely self-taught engineer and natural problem-solver; he's equally comfortable greasy elbows-deep in an airplane engine or troubleshooting satellite subsystems in a clean suit. He brings an unorthodox perspective, bolstered by rigorous technical experience, to the UAPx team. 

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