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UAPx Department of Theoretical Research

UAPx's Department of Theoretical Research focuses on developing mathematical formalisms and computational protocols for describing aspects of the behavior and nature of UFOs and UAP in our environment and their interactions. We concentrate on providing models for understanding empirical results or constructing self-logical theories which explain phenomena beyond current experiments. 

While narrow in the scope of being concentrated on UFOs and UAP, our research spans a wide range of topics geared towards understanding the fundamental nature of related forces, particles, and space-time geometry, to quantum information. The UAPx Department of Theoretical Physics utilizes the data and research gathered and developed from our expeditions to enable physics discoveries beyond the Standard Model (BSM), both through precision tests of the Standard Model itself and through detailed studies of possible new phenomena.  

High-energy and particle theorists in UAPx's Department of Theoretical Physics are developing new theoretical frameworks to address physics in and beyond the Standard Model based on observations and data collected by UAPx during our expeditions.  

Areas of Research

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Theoretical Models


Published Works

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